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Collecting goods in a box for seasonal storage (код 053)

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Sales of many types of products are clearly seasonal. Stocks of seasonal goods must cover the demand for the product, which means that by the end of the season and when buyers' interest wanes, a certain amount of goods remains. Such goods need to be packed and stored until the next season.

It is important to know where, how much, and what kind of goods have been moved to the warehouse so that you do not order similar items in excess next season.

The additional option "Collecting goods in a box for seasonal storage" records the fact of collecting goods in a box, moving the box to the specified location.

Work with the option takes place in the mode Document → Pick → Box for seasonal storage.

The algorithm is as follows:

  1. The storekeeper, seller, or commodity expert scans the goods that are placed in the box.
  2. The accounting program records the fact of placing the goods in the box and moves the goods to the temporary storage warehouse. This way, the goods will not be mixed with the current seasonal goods.
  3. A unique barcode is created for the box, which can be printed and glued to the box. It is also worth printing the contents of the box and putting a list in the box.
  4. If the seller needs to sell the goods that are in seasonal storage, the seller will be able to use a special search mode that will determine which box the goods are stored in and remove the goods from the box and from the accounting system.
  5. During the re-inventory, the goods in boxes can be listed separately - in the box inventory mode.

Additional option:

  • helps to simplify the storage of seasonal goods,
  • eliminates the need to keep out-of-date goods in sight,
  • optimizes the use of retail space and warehouse storage,
  • organizes packing of seasonal goods in a box without the risk of being lost or forgotten,
  • allows you to download product data from the data collection terminal when collecting goods in a box,
  • allows you to print the contents of the box, the label on the box, the list of boxes, as well as the list of boxes with the warehouse,
  • allows you to remove the goods from the box at any time,
  • can move goods from one box to another,
  • can move the box to another accounting center,
  • stores goods with warranty records and serial numbers,
  • allows you to re-account boxes for seasonal storage,
  • allows you to quickly disassemble boxes at the beginning of the season.

What do you need for seasonal storage of goods?

  1. Accounting program for warehouse inventory management Torgsoft Ultra or Terminal.
  2. Additional option "Collecting goods in a box for seasonal storage"

The "Storage location of goods in the warehouse" function will also be useful to label the shelves and quickly find the goods at their designated "address".

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