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Accounting software and trade equipment

Delivery of trade equipment and licenses


Commercial equipment and consumables

Before sending, the manager checks the completeness of the order and the operation of the commercial equipment.

We send equipment on full prepayment by Nova Poshta. We evaluate the order in the delivery service at 100% of the cost, which is insurance in case of unforeseen situations during transportation.

When you receive the order - check the integrity of the package and the absence of visible damage at Nova Poshta. If something is damaged - ask the delivery service employees to draw up an act indicating the nature of the damage to the goods, and inform us about it.

Please note that the order is stored in the warehouse of the carrier company for no more than 5 days. To receive the parcel, you must have a passport with you.

Licenses and additional options for Torgsoft

The license key for the accounting program Torgsoft or an additional function is transferred online.
The technical support service will help to activate the License from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00 by phone +38 (067) 558 37 84, daily in the telegram chat @torgsoft_help or in viber +380674271330, via e-mail

Warranty for trade equipment

Torgsoft offers entrepreneurs high-quality commercial equipment for shops, warehouses and industries. The warranty for the equipment is usually 12 months (more detailed information is available in the product card and warranty card).

Before starting work, it is important to read the instructions. It is tempting to figure it out on your own, but the equipment is new and there may be nuances that you may not guess about: a transport seal, adhesive tapes-fixers inside the device, etc.

Check the completeness of the warranty card, as the warranty is valid only if the warranty card contains the serial number of the equipment, date of sale, warranty period and seller's seal.

Warranty repair

We make free repairs only during the warranty period.
Do not throw away the box from the equipment: if you need to send us the equipment - it will be needed. Commercial equipment must be cleaned of dust, dirt and fully equipped according to the passport.

What is not covered by the warranty?

The warranty does not cover violation of the operating rules specified in the equipment passport.

Torgsoft and service centers do not accept commercial equipment with the following damages for warranty repair:

  • careless handling - blows, falls,
  • getting inside the equipment of foreign objects, substances, liquids, insects,
  • domestic and external factors - the elements, fire, power surge, thunderstorm, etc,
  • use of non-standard consumables and spare parts.


  • thermal head, external power supply,
  • lamps,
  • adapters, cables,
  • locks for opening the cash drawer,
  • external COM ports, LPT, Video IN and Video OUT controllers. LAN, USB, PS/2, audio output, as the failure of these devices is possible only in case of improper operation.

To make the equipment work for a long time and reliably, use it carefully.

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