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Electronic catalog of goods for the receipt of orders

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Program for suppliers and regular customers

Why do you need a program for orders?

If your customers buy from you often and a lot, you do not have an online store, and ordering by phone takes a lot of time, provide the customer with an electronic catalog of goods - a program for the formation of orders, which will eliminate re-sorting, misunderstanding, inaccurate prices, human factor when placing an order.

The principle of the program for ordering goods

The additional option "Electronic catalog with the ability to accept orders" shows your customer information about products and prices, makes it possible to place an order.
"Electronic catalog" transfers the order from the client to your accounting program "Torgsoft".

"Electronic catalog" is a program for accepting orders and it works as follows:

  1. To your ftp-server - a folder on the hosting, Torgsoft uploads information about products, photos and prices.
  2. The client installs the application for placing orders on his computer and receives information about your products. Forms an order.
  3. The Torgsoft program receives an order in the "Remote customer order" mode and creates an invoice in the "Trade with invoice" mode. Further work takes place as with a regular Internet order: sending an invoice to the client for payment, crediting payment, creating an expenditure invoice, printing documents, shipping goods from the warehouse.

For the "Electronic catalog" you can set the company logo and a link to your website.

Advantages of the "Electronic catalog"

  • The program for ordering goods can be used if you do not have an online store.
  • The customer sees the remaining quantity of goods in stock. In an online store, this information is usually hidden.
  • The customer sees the current prices for the goods and his or her percentage of discount.
  • The order goes directly to the accounting program Torgsoft.

Who is the program for order accounting suitable for

Manufacturers and wholesalers

If you have regular wholesale customers, the electronic catalog will allow them to be aware of the range, prices and quickly place an order.

Intermediaries and sales representatives

The intermediary sees complete and up-to-date information about your products, accepts orders from customers. Through the "Electronic Catalog", information about the intermediary's customers and orders enters your Torgsoft database.

Requirements for the option to work:

  1. Torgsoft Ultra or Terminal license.
  2. Additional option "Electronic catalog with the ability to accept orders".
  3. Windows OS on the client's computer for the operation of the "Electronic catalog".

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