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Connecting the fiscal logger

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Starting from 2022, fiscal registrars or software cash registers must be used by all entrepreneurs, except for those who accept payments exclusively to a current account or are sole proprietors of group 1.

Fiscal registrar:

  • connects to the tax server,
  • transmits information about sales of fiscal goods,
  • stores data in the fiscal memory,
  • works with excise stamps - prints the excise stamp code in the fiscal receipt,
  • prints fiscal receipts,
  • unlike cash registers, works only with the accounting system Torgsoft,
  • requires subscriber service in specialized service centers and periodic firmware updates.

Functions of the fiscal registrar:

  1. printing X-report - daily report without resetting the information in the cash register memory,
  2. printing Z-report - report for the day and closing of the shift,
  3. printing 0-check - checks the performance of the cash register: the clarity of printing details on the check and control tapes, control of the date and numbering of checks,
  4. printing a report of goods sold,
  5. printing of periodic report,
  6. check cancellation - in case of any error during the fiscal sale, you can cancel the current check,
  7. cash deposit,
  8. cash withdrawal.

Ukrainian fiscal registrars compatible with the accounting program Torgsoft

  • Maria-304T, 304T1, 304T2
  • Excellio FPU-550, LP-1000, FP-700, FP-2000, FPU-550ES, FP-280, FPP-350
  • Datecs FP3530T, FP-3141T, FP-T260, CMP-10, SMR-10M, FP-T88, FP-320, FP-7197, FP-510, FP-101 Smart
  • IKC-483 LT, E260T, E-810T, C651T, A8800, E07
  • FR7
  • MG-T808TL, N707TS, P777TL, T787TL, FR90.XM
  • MINI-FP4, FP6, FP54.01, FP81.01, FP82.01
  • MINI-T 400ME, 51.01, 61.01
  • VIKING-R10, P20, P21
  • KBM FP-S651, FP-CMP10
  • LeoCAS-200, 201

Fiscal registrars for Moldova

  • Datecs FP-550F, FP-T260F, FP-700, DP-500 PLUS

Fiscal registrars for Romania

  • Datecs FP-700, FP, FMP, WP, DP series

Fiscal registrars for Poland

  • Novitus

What do you need to work with a fiscal registrar?

  1. Accounting program Torgsoft Start, Ultra or Terminal
  2. Additional option "Connecting a fiscal registrar"
  3. The device is a registrar of payment transactions, fiscalized and registered with the tax office

Sometimes, depending on the model - an additional driver for the fiscal registrar.

Additional options that may be useful

  • Connection of a bank terminal for automatic transfer of the amount and terminal data to the slip-check.
  • Accounting in the F1-F2 format
  • Software fiscal registrar, if you do not want to connect the usual classic fiscal registrar, or you need to install an additional one.

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