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Store chain automation: basic implementation processes and tools for managing the retail chain

The easiest thing to start implementing an accounting system when the store is just opening.
But, starting a business, many entrepreneurs often do not care about accounting — everything is so clear, and besides that — a lot of organizational and managerial tasks, movements and the absolute lack of time.

A successful business is often transformed into a trading network and, accumulates a lot of problems and tasks in geometric progression, the time becomes less and less:

  • there are employees to train and supervise,
  • suppliers to build relationships with,
  • there is a growing assortment, the invaluable knowledge of which is stored only in the head of the business owner.

Automation in retail chain is a necessary and indispensable element of management, that does not allow the business owner to turn into a slave to his success and related routine tasks.

Is Torgsoft suitable for automation of retail chain?


What do you need to automate a chain of stores?

The program and trade equipment

  • A Torgsoft license for the terminal server, which includes three client connections and the work of employees.
  • Torgsoft license «Client for remote connection to the server» — to expand the number of workplaces.
  • Set of trade equipment: barcode scanners and receipt printers are needed for each cash register, label printer — for the warehouse where the goods are received and labeled.
  • Consumables: labels, receipt tapes, ribbons. Consumables are recommended to purchase in stock so that they are always available.

Technical Requirements

  • Server with Windows — own or rented computer.
  • Static IP address.

Recommended additional Torgsoft options

  • «Mobile application» for remote control of trade results in the trade network, sales and re-counting using a smartphone.
  • «Data security: archive in the cloud». From the start, it's worth setting up automatic regular archiving so that in case of emergencies, the information is saved in the cloud on Google Drive.
  • «Software fiscal recorder» for the sale of fiscal goods.
  • «Bank terminal connection» to automatically transfer the sales amount to the terminal, and the terminal information to the fiscal check.

Where to start with automation?

  1. Download Torgsoft and activate a free 30-day version — with the Torgsoft demo you can immediately start full-scale accounting.
  2. Consult our experts about the nuances of accounting and program implementation in your store.
  3. If you have any questions: watch video tutorials, the user manual, or ask a question in technical support.

The process of implementing accounting systems in the retail chain

Torgsoft — automation in 1 day

This positioning is that the program is installed in 10 minutes, and you can immediately start accounting.

Accounting software Torgsoft Terminal is installed on a server, which is a powerful computer that can be located in your office or on a remote server. This allows all employees to work with a single database, and therefore — with current information.

For employees will approach usual laptops or computers with Windows. You do not need to install the Torgsoft accounting program on your employees' computers — you connect via «Remote Desktop» on Windows, «Remmina» for Linux users, or «Microsoft Remote Desktop» on macOS. If you do not have a system administrator — Torgsoft technical support will help you to configure the server, the program and remote connections for employees.

Where do I start to automate my trading network?

It all starts with the arrival of the goods.
In our experience, adding the goods to the base takes 1 day for 2000-3000 unique positions.
When you receive the goods it is convenient if the printer is immediately connected to the labels so that you can mark immediately the inventoried goods. The Torgsoft accounting program automatically generates new bar codes if there is no manufacturer's barcode on the package.
If you have previously maintained accounting, the stock can be transferred from another accounting system or the supplier's price list to Torgsoft. To set up the import will help technical support, which works daily from 9:00 to 18:00 on Kyiv time.

An important element of automation is the person responsible for this process. This can be the owner of the business, the store administrator, or the storekeeper. The main thing in the automation of retail chain is methodically, the presence of the responsible person at all stages of automation.
If the owner is not directly involved in automation, he must, at a minimum, be familiar with the structure of the accounting system and the sequence of actions.

After the arrival of goods, everything can be done with them: sell, return, move, re-evaluate, recalculate.

The advantage of Torgsoft is that the program accompanies and helps to follow the business processes of trade: if it is not clear what to do next, the surrounding functions of the program will prompt the next step.

The functions of the accounting system for managing the trade network

  • Management of accounting centers. With Torgsoft you can create as many stores, warehouses and accounting centers as you want. Each accounting center has its own employee, cashier, warehouse and synchronization center for online stores and marketplaces.
  • Multicurrency accounting. With Torgsoft you can keep track of goods in several currencies: receive the goods in dollars or euros, automatically convert into the local currency and make a markup, if necessary — print the price tag in a foreign currency.
  • Checking receipt invoices by amount, prohibition on editing stock documents.
  • Fixing and controlling purchasing prices and markups, so sellers won't sell goods cheaper than the cost of goods accidentally.
  • Work with regular customers: sale of goods in debt, control of the issuance of such goods, accounting of mutual settlements, SMS-informing of customers about the debt for goods.
  • Discount systems: installation of rules of actions and loyalty systems, control of discounts and bonuses. Protection of the buyer and the business owner from misuse of discounts and loyalty systems by sellers.
  • Transfer of goods between retail outlets. Goods in transit — for control of waybills and internal transfer goods.
  • Algorithm of goods distribution to outlets: automatic calculation, print invoices for internal transfer.
  • Assortment management center for collection management, goods tracking between stores, warehouses and fast distribution of goods.
  • Scrap control: write-off of goods under the control of the business owner.
  • Accounting for complex services: sale of goods, combinations with services, bundling, unbundling.
  • Working with fiscal recorder. Accounting for fiscal and non-fiscal goods, control of sales of such goods.
  • Mass revaluation of goods — a convenient mode, which will allow mass to make a markup on goods rounded up to 1, 10 and 100 USD.
  • The movement of goods: the history of actions with the goods: from receipt to move or write-off.
  • Location of goods in the warehouse for the quick search of goods in large storage areas.
  • Control of minimum and maximum stocks: prohibition on purchasing certain goods, notification when goods run out. Delegation of goods ordering from suppliers to employees.
  • Online trading and order issuing: synchronization of one accounting center or the entire trading network with an online store or marketplaces, automatic export of stock status and prices, import of orders and customer information. Internet order issuing mode.
  • Statements on bank accounts: uploading payments into the Torgsoft accounting program, which came from customers to the card or current account. This allows you to delegate payment checks to employees and do not give access to a personal account of the bank, get rid of constant calls with clarifications «Has the payment arrived?
  • Collection and preparation of data for tax invoices, export to M.E.Doc or ArtZvit.
  • Control of settlements with suppliers: account of inventory, all deliveries, settlements with suppliers in foreign and local currency, the final statements of mutual settlements.
  • Vendor Purchase Orders: no need to explain to the seller on the phone or in Viber that you need them. If an item runs out, it can immediately be added to the order and sent to the supplier electronically.
  • Personnel control: the arrival at work, sales records for each salesperson, individual payroll calculation and maintaining the work schedule.
  • Restrict employee access to data: roles can be set up finely — literally every button or column can be given or denied access.
  • Reports and analysis for retail chains: commodity report for the accounting object, full price list for all accounting centers, report on the realization of excitable goods, trade analysis of suppliers, analysis of the warehouse condition, analysis of stale goods, analysis of the business value.
  • In this case, Torgsoft allows you to analyze the results of trade in the context of a single store, and the entire trading network.

This is a small list of useful functions from the great variety of Torgsoft, which are used by business owners after automation of trading network.

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