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What is Torgsoft Ultra?

Torgsoft Ultra is full-featured, universal software for automation of accounting in retail and wholesale stores, warehouses and production.

Torgsoft is a ready-made solution that does not require modifications.
The program is installed in 10 minutes, and you can start accounting immediately after installation.
To use Torgsoft, you do not need special accounting knowledge - the program is easy to use and intuitive.

What kind of store is suitable for Torgsoft Ultra?

Torgsoft Ultra suits for 120+ kinds of business: from cafes and children's store to warehouse automation, logistics, shoes and jewelry production.

Torgsoft Ultra is used in Internet-shops, stores with a lot of cash desks, and shopping centers. The database is on one computer - the server, and all other cash desks and computers of employees work with a uniform base, in a local network. Thus the information is updated in real time and everyone works with the actual data.

Що потрібно для автоматизації торгівлі?

What does it take to automate a retail store?

  1. Accounting program Torgsoft Ultra
  2. The program capabilities can be expanded with 50 + additional options, such as "Software CRM" for reporting on the sale of fiscal goods, "Mobile application" for remote control and management of trade or "Repair and Warranty Service" for the automation of service centers.
  3. Equipment for trade automation: barcode scanner, receipt printer for printing fiscal and non-fiscal receipts, label printer for marking goods with barcodes.  In highly specialized stores may also need scales with or without receipt printing, needle gun for fixing tags, data collection terminal for re-counting in large warehouses.
  4. Consumables for trade equipment: labels, cash register tapes and ribbons.

Main functions of trade automation system:

  • Merchandising: nomenclature, categorization of goods to order and create your own database.
  • Accounting for the movement of goods: receipt, sale, return, write-off, movement between retail outlets.
  • Work with the warehouse: the state of the warehouse - goods in stock and on order, the place of storage of goods, accounting for serial numbers, turnover lists, the calculation of inventories.
  • Work with the client base: information on customers, mass mailings, creating a discount system and work to increase loyalty and increase the average check.
  • Work with the personnel: calculation of wages, calculation of bonuses and penalties, accounting of working hours, personal contribution to the results of sales of goods.
  • Analytics and reporting for daily checkpoints and business status control.
  • Support for electronic trade equipment - work with 200+ models of POS equipment.

Torgsoft Ultra will help:

  • keep order in the store,
  • be aware of what is happening in the store and in the trading network,
  • control your employees and provide them with access to the necessary information only,
  • manage finances and control the movement of money in the cash register and on settlement accounts,
  • to keep accurate mutual settlements with contractors and suppliers,
  • automate online commerce: the sale of goods in the online store and on the marketplace, unloading a list of products and services in TRS, CSV or YML formats,
  • work with fiscal loggers without a subscription fee.

To appreciate the possibilities of Torgsoft for automation in trade - download the free 30-day version. After the 30 days all accounting information is stored on your computer, after that - you can buy Torgsoft Ultra.

Torgsoft is the best solution for comprehensive retail automation.

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