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Minimum and maximum balance of goods for each of the warehouses

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The additional option «Minimum and maximum balance for each of the warehouses» is designed to optimize and control the stock:

  1. alerts you when running out of stock,
  2. prevents the transfer of excessive stock to another stock control center
  3. It prevents you from ordering more stock than you actually need.

Minimal balance 

Minimal balance is used in modes:

  • Stock Condition. Goods whose quantity is less than or equal to the minimum balance will be highlighted. The list of goods that are running out can also be sorted and viewed in stock status.
  • Ordering point of sale to the warehouse. The program selects goods that are out of stock, so as not to miss such goods in the formation of an order.
  • Forming an order to a supplier. When creating an order for a supplier, the program calculates how many goods should be ordered, based on the current amount of goods in stock and its minimum balance.
  • Automatic calculation of stock levels. Calculates minimum stock levels based on delivery frequency, sales results and other user-defined data.
  • Goods allocation. Filters and sorting in this mode track goods that have reached minimum balance to other accounting centers, and the program will alert the user that goods are about to run out.

Maximum Remainder

Maximum product remainder value is set to prevent the transfer of excessive amount of product to the accounting center, which will later just lie in the warehouse in excess.

The maximum balance can be set manually in the product card or calculated automatically using the additional option «Automatically calculate stock levels».

The maximum product residue is used in the modes:

  • Stock Status. The surplus goods filter shows that it is necessary to move such goods to other warehouses so that the goods do not lie idle.
  • Ordering a point of sale to a warehouse. The filter on goods in surplus allows you to avoid ordering unnecessary goods.
  • Distribution of goods. The program will inform the user that the maximum balance will be exceeded when moving to the accounting center. In addition you can set a ban on such movement.
  • Automatic stock calculation. An additional option calculates the maximum balance for each item based on its sales information, minimum balance and other user-defined values. 

Using the additional option «Minimal and maximal stocks for each store» allows you to quickly and competently manage the store's stocks, order products from suppliers in time, move them between accounting centers, and reduce costs not only for purchase but also for storage of products.

What do I need to use this option?

  1. Accounting software Torgsoft Ultra or Terminal.
  2. Additional option «Minimum and maximum balance for each of the warehouses».

Optional, but useful:

  • Additional option «Automatic Stock Calculation».

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