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Torgsoft — a program for online store

Anyone who decides to open an online store, actually opens another large, scalable and very promising type of business. 

The advantages of an online store are obvious:

  • no dependence on location — an online store sells all over the world, and goods are seen by millions of people,
  • no need to pay monthly for rent of premises — online store requires only payment of the domain and hosting once a year, that the cost is totally incomparable compared to the cost of maintaining a conventional store,
  • online store works and takes orders 24/7 — even if you have a day off or off-hours, customers can always view the range and place an order.

Cycle of regular tasks on the online store

Price Updates. Any price changes should be immediately displayed on the site. Calling customers back on an order and telling them that the price on the site is out of date or higher is unacceptable. 

The online store automatically synchronizes all prices, so that there is no need to adjust them manually on the website.

Goods description. Product information must be detailed, making it easier for the customer to make a choice. A detailed description with photos allows the customer to make a choice in favor of your store. 

The accounting system for the online store transmits all the photos, descriptions and additional characteristics of the goods to the website.

Operational work with orders. Reception and fast processing of orders, delivery information, control and fixing of payments. 

The website accepts your order from the client, sends a confirmation letter and the details of the order are transferred to the Torgsoft accounting program for further work on the order. 

Shipment of goods. Controls the collection and shipment of orders, informing the customer about the shipment. 

For shipment and writing off the goods from the warehouse in the accounting program, create an invoice bill.

Customers and discounts. Accounting for customers and their purchases. Setting up promotions, discount and bonus programs.

After ordering, information about the customer is transmitted to the accounting program, including name, phone number, email, delivery address, the composition of the order. After — with this data you can work to inform customers about promotions and news of the store. 

Results and planning. Analysis of the results of profit and sales, planning purchases and assortment.

What, in what quantity and at what price sold — analyzes the accounting program and generates data for the store owner to make management decisions.

This is just the main part of the business processes of any online store. Set up effective management without an accounting program is extremely difficult, because the accounting program for the online store — the core of the site. Without the program will have to do everything manually, and if the online store is an addition to the usual store, the amount of work increases twofold.

Synchronization with the online store from Torgsoft

An additional option «Pairing with Online Store» keeps records of goods and sales of the store and online store in a single system. 

In fact, all work with warehouse and orders are performed in Torgsoft. Information about products and order statuses is synchronized with the website.

What information is synchronized with the online-shop?

Torgsoft transmits to the website information in *.csv or *.yml formats: 

  • about categories, products with an unlimited number of characteristics, quantities and prices,
  • photos of goods,
  • information about customers and their discounts,
  • wholesale prices (if the wholesale prices policy option is activated),
  • gift certificates (if an option with the same name is activated).

The online store sends order files with information to the accounting program for the online store:

  • about the customer — his name, address, phone, e-mail,
  • on goods — ID, name, quantity, price, 
  • payment status.

After receiving the order, Torgsoft checks, enters or updates the data about the customer. 

Next, the work cycle with the order is transferred to the mode Torgsoft → Document → Trade with invoice:

  1. creating an invoice with or without payment,
  2. creating an invoice with or without payment, creating goods reserve,
  3. sending invoice by e-mail or sending payment details by SMS or Viber,
  4. create an invoice when sending a product,
  5. fiscal check printing software fiscal recorder,
  6. creating bill of lading Nova Poshta or Ukrposhta in the accounting software Torgsoft,
  7. control the status of the parcel and cash on delivery. 

In addition to synchronization with the online store, Torgsoft allows you to sell products at Prom and Rozetka. Therefore, we recommend that you put all the information about your products directly into the product card in the accounting program, so that you do not have to do it manually during the next synchronizations.

Torgsoft is the center of trade information management, which ensures the accuracy and relevance of the information and the speed of order processing. 

The unified information system accumulates and processes the results of work for analysis, forecasts and management decisions.

What do I need to open an online store from scratch?

  1. Accounting program Torgsoft Ultra or Terminal.
  2. Additional option «Synchronization with the online store».
  3. Developers of online stores that will consider the technical requirements of Torgsoft.
  4. Domain and Hosting.

Useful additional options for online trading

  • Software fiscal recorder for sending fiscal checks.
  • Wholesale pricing policy for trading in the online store in bulk.
  • Synchronization with Nova Poshta or Ukrposhta for automatic generation of TTN and parcel control. 
  • Synchronization with the marketplaces Prom or Rozetka to synchronize the base of goods and receive orders on the trading platforms as quickly as possible. 
  • CRM for the control of calls through Binotel, classification of customers according to interests and preferences.
  • Gift vouchers, which will make gift selection easier and attract new customers to your store.
  • A bonus system with an expiration date to keep customers coming back more often.

Recommendations for creating an online store

If you or your developers have any questions in the process, send us a message to support @torgsoft_help.

Think through the product classifier and its hierarchy. Product categories in the program and on the site should coincide, so it is easier to set up synchronization and keep track of everything. If you don't know how to name a category (group) of goods, take a look at how the catalog is organized at Rozetka.

Think through a list of characteristics for products. You can always add data about a product, but it's much easier to fill it correctly from the beginning than to correct it.

To avoid calling the client back unnecessarily, think about which fields the client has to fill in when registering. At a minimum — first and last name, phone number, shipping address.

How to create a free online store?

You can create a free online store. To do this, download the demo version of Torgsoft and activate the option «Synchronization with the online store» for 30 days.

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