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Connection of electronic scales for weighing goods in sales (Код 027)

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The weighing process needs to be automated:

  1. the electronic scales must be connected to the accounting program,
  2. when weighing the goods, the "Connecting electronic scales" option transfers the weight to the accounting program,
  3. the cashier immediately sees the price, weight, and total cost of the weighed goods in the system.

Connecting electronic scales simplifies the work of the cashier, because:

  • the seller does not need to enter the weight manually,
  • automatic weight transfer minimizes the number of errors and the chances of fraud,
  • automation directly affects the speed of service,
  • electronic scales are easy to use and often have digital displays for additional control.

What scales are used in trade?

Before buying, check if the model you have chosen is on the list, or consult with our specialists to find out which scales are best for your type of business.

Torgsoft is compatible with:

  • Promprylad VTA-60, Ukraine.
  • AXIS, A...R series, Ukraine.
  • Camry CTE-15-JC11B RS232, Dniproves, Ukraine.
  • VTD-RS, Dniproves, Ukraine.
  • ICS-NT, Ukraine.
  • VAGAR, Ukraine.
  • CAS series AP, DB, AD, ER, EM, SW, as well as CP1.5, CP1.6, South Korea.
  • Digi DS 788, Japan.
  • Datalogic Magellan 8400, Italy.
  • Aclas PS6, Taiwan.
  • M and F barcode print.
  • CAS CL5000J, South Korea.
  • Mettler Toledo 3600 Pro, bPlus, Switzerland.
  • Dibal, Spain.

Where are electronic trading scales used?

There are many types of business that require weighing goods:

  • grocery stores and supermarkets - for groceries, sweets, meat, vegetables and fruits,
  • jewelry stores and pawnshops - for weighing gems, gold and other precious metals, measuring weight and calculating the value of jewelry
  • construction markets - for bulk materials and unassembled small parts,
  • second-hand stores - for the sale of goods by weight,
  • pet stores - for feed,
  • manufacturing - for weighing raw materials, components and finished products,
  • pharmacies - for weighing and measuring powders and liquids according to a doctor's prescription,
  • agricultural industry - for weighing feed and agricultural products.

What do you need to sell weighed goods at the checkout?

For the operation of commercial electronic scales you need:

  1. Torgsoft Start, Ultra or Terminal program for weighing goods.
  2. Additional option "Connecting electronic trading scales for weighing goods" - the function is purchased separately for each workplace.
  3. Electronic trading scales.
  4. Setting up scales and accounting programs for working with weighed goods.

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