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Облік гарантійного товару за серійними номерами (Код 010)

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The paid function "Accounting of warranty goods by serial numbers" allows you to keep records of warranty goods and goods with serial numbers in three variations:

  • warranty accounting,
  • strict warranty accounting,
  • warranty accounting without serial numbers.

One of the three warranty accounting methods can be selected for each product and the accounting system will have different requirements for such products.

Warranty record-keeping

The Torgsoft accounting program controls that for every unit of received goods a serial number is entered. When selling the goods the program will request to enter the serial number, but will not perform any checks for this serial number. The correctness of the entry is only controlled by the user. Entering the serial number will be required for all goods movement documents.

Strict warranty accounting

Upon receipt of the goods, Torgsoft controls the entry of serial numbers for each item, and additionally searches the database of existing serial numbers, which eliminates the possibility of errors and re-entering the serial number. A check is also performed on previously created returns to supplier and returns of defective items to signal the arrival of a defective item we previously returned. For sales, returns to supplier, write-offs, internal relocations, it is checked that the serial number entered is in stock. When returning from a customer, it is always verified that the serial number was actually sold. This method guarantees the absolute accuracy of warranty records.

Warranty accounting without serial numbers

This method of accounting can be used for goods without serial numbers, but for which there is a warranty and it is necessary to account for their period, with the issuance of a warranty card to the customer.

All three methods allow you to print the warranty card for the goods after it is sold and to keep track of the warranty period of the sold goods.
The warranty card template can be customized for each product type.

A separate mode "Warranty record" allows you to view all the balances of warranty goods in the context of serial numbers. Also in this mode you can trace the movement history of each serial number. This function may be needed if the data in the program does not correspond to reality and the serial number that we, for example, see on the shelf, is absent according to the program. Viewing the history of the serial number will help to reconstruct the course of events and help identify the cause of the error.

Another feature of the mode is the warranty record itself. The program calculates the remaining warranty period for each serial number and allows you to quickly assess whether we have a warranty on a particular serial number.

There is a separate type of inventory sheet "By serial numbers" for inventory of goods with serial numbers. Its distinctive feature is that such statement can not be closed if during the counting there is a serial number that is not listed in the program. This is due to the fact that the serial number can not arise out of nowhere, and you have to look for an error in the movement documents. It is worth noting that when such a situation arises, usually another serial number is found in the statement only in the shortage - this means that one serial number was entered in the sale, but given to the buyer another. The program allows you to eliminate the error in one action.

The chargeable function "Accounting for warranty goods by serial numbers" transfers the information to the "Repair and warranty service" mode, in which the warranty extension is available for goods under warranty.

Important! Before the warranty accounting is enabled for a specific product, its quantity in stock should be equal to 0. If you need to enable serial number accounting for items in stock, you must first return the item to the supplier, enable the setup, and then perform the intake in accordance with the new accounting rules.

What do I need to account for warranty goods by serial numbers?

  1. The accounting program Torgsoft Start, Ultra or Terminal.
  2. The additional option "Accounting for warranty goods by serial numbers".

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