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Automation kit: Torgsoft Start + software fiscal registrar

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Accounting program with software fiscal recorder

A simple solution with great opportunities for small business.

Set of trade automation for small businesses includes:

  • The accounting program Torgsoft Start
  • A software fiscal recorder

Everything you need to quickly start selling fiscal goods.

For whom the kit of trade automation Torgsoft Start + software fiscal recorder is suitable:

  • For owners of small stores and outlets with one cash register,
  • Those who are looking for a fiscal logger without subscription fees and with regular updates,
  • who urgently need a fiscal recorder, and there was no time to think about accounting,
  • Who is looking for a solution with the ability to scale their business without overpayments: expanding the number of workplaces, switching to Torgsoft Ultra or Torgsoft Terminal to manage the trading network and trade on the Internet.

All features of Torgsoft Start


  • Label Printing
  • Kind of product
  • Manufacturer
  • Season
  • Full list of goods and services
  • Complex services
  • Dimensional range
  • Pre-packaged Goods
  • Deleted Goods
  • Certificates of Quality
  • Error Diagnostics
  • Selling price
  • Label print buffer
  • Reprint Label
  • Pictograph Guide


  • Receipt of goods
  • Returning of goods to the supplier
  • Sale
  • Return
  • Write-off of Goods from Warehouse
  • Inventory List
  • Revaluation report


  • Balance with partners
  • Unpaid sales by regular customers
  • Financial document
  • Cash totals
  • Balance by items of financial analysis
  • Currency exchange rate
  • Currency exchange


  • Stock condition
  • Stock by type of goods
  • Warehouse by model
  • Goods movement
  • Turnover list by quantity
  • Turnover Statement by Value
  • Inventory turnover
  • List of receipts
  • List of expenses
  • Sum of goods for the period
  • Register of delivery notes
  • Warehouse Document Journal
  • Change of Selling Price
  • Calculation of retail prices by markup and exchange rate


  • Commodity report for the period
  • Cash report for the day
  • Summarized report for the day
  • Gross Income for the period
  • Statement for the period
  • User reports


  • Period
  • Analysis of sales by type of goods
  • Analysis of sales by manufacturers of goods
  • Fiscal Product Sales Analysis


  • Customers
  • Printing out of customer questionnaires
  • Discount Policy

Additional paid options for Torgsoft Start

  • Deletion of closed periods statistics
  • Bagging of weight goods and labeling it with a barcode
  • Fiscal recorder connection
  • Connection of electronic scales for weighing of goods in sales
  • Photographing goods using a webcam
  • Buyer display connection
  • Verification of discount cards via sms
  • Data security: Archive in the cloud
  • Connecting the bank terminal
  • Mobile application Torgsoft
  • Software fiscal register
  • Inventory control
  • Metric characteristics of goods: tile calculator
  • Location of goods in the warehouse
  • Tracking of warranty goods by serial numbers
  • Repairs and warranty service

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