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Torgsoft-Start license is:

  • The beginning of trade automation,
  • Simple goods accounting,
  • The program for one store with one or two cash registers,
  • The most essential functions for efficient inventory control

This is a light version of Torgsoft. It has basic functionality for trade and store management.

Additional options for Torgsoft-Start

  • Deletion of closed periods statistics
  • Connecting fiscal logger
  • Bagging of goods by weight and marking it with a barcode
  • Photographing goods using a webcam
  • Mobile application Torgsoft
  • Connection of electronic scales for weighing of goods in sales
  • Verification of discount card via SMS
  • Data Security: Archive in the cloud
  • Connecting the bank terminal
  • Software fiscal logger
  • The metric characteristics of the goods: tile calculator
  • Location of goods in the warehouse
  • Connecting the customer display
  • Inventory control
  • Tracking warranty goods by serial numbers
  • Repairs and warranty service

All features of Torgsoft-Start


Tag Printing Printing labels for goods: for the whole product or individually.
Kind of product Forming a list of product types. Introduction of additional characteristics for each type of goods. Dynamic characteristics of the goods.
Manufacturer The directory of manufacturers. The name of the manufacturer is involved in the formation of the name of the goods.
Season The directory of seasons. Specified in the product card. You can sort the product by this feature, as well as analyze sales by season.
Full list of goods and services Creation of the name of the goods, if the goods have not yet been inventoried. Creation and editing of services. The complete list of goods and services contains a list of all names of goods, services and models that have ever been entered into the system.
Complex services These are services that include goods. As an example, a car wash service that includes shampoo. When selling such a service, in addition to the car wash service in the implementation of the composition of the service, in this case, shampoo, at ZERO price to write it off the warehouse
Dimensional range Creation of a list of size series. Allows you to enter all sizes at once. Dimensional series can be tied to a specific manufacturer.
Pre-packaged Goods The choice of weights, which will be used in the program. Goods list creation for loading in scales.
Deleted Goods List of deleted goods (withdrawn from the action) with the ability to restore it.
Certificates of Quality Viewing and changing the list of goods with a quality certificate to be added to the goods card. Displaying the list of goods with a valid certificate or expired certificate, as well as goods without a certificate.
Error Diagnostics Viewing changes in the name of the product. Analysis of goods with a repeating barcode: Possibility to combine goods, assign a new barcode or cancel barcode changes. Goods' identification: change of goods' binding to the type, manufacturer and seasonal reference lists. Binding of initial balances to a specific supplier.
Selling price Viewing the sale price of goods in the context of specific accounting centers.
Label print buffer Accumulation of labels prepared for printing. More efficient use of A4 and A5 paper when printing on an office printer.
Reprint Label Printing labels on merchandise by scanning a barcode, entering a barcode or an article code manually.
Pictogram Guide Loading and linking the pictogram to the product type. Printing labels with a pictogram.

Warehouse document

Receipt of goods Inventorying goods using a barcode scanner, by article, or selecting goods from the warehouse.
Returning of goods to the supplier Return of low-quality goods or goods for lack of use, so as not to "freeze" money in goods that do not sell well.
Sales Selling merchandise by barcode, article number and stock selection.
Return Return of goods from the customer with control of return period, return by barcode on the sales receipt, return receipt printing.
Write-off of Goods from Warehouse List of goods in the write-off with pictures of goods, names, barcodes, articles, quantity, cost, price and quantity remaining in the warehouse. Indication to whom or what the goods are written off. Print a statement of write-off.
Inventory List Recounting of goods in the store: the creation of the statement, the choice of groups of goods by type of goods, manufacturers, suppliers. Blocking or not blocking the goods during inventory. Print inventory reports. Report of shortage or excess of goods.
Revaluation report Viewing goods that were overestimated. Print revaluation report. Export to excel and HTML.


Balance with partners Accounting and control of debts with counterparties: who owes me, who owes me
Unpaid sales by regular customers Accounting for unpaid sales that occurred as a result of a malfunction, such as the loss of electricity. Payment or deletion of sales if the goods have been sold or written off again.
Financial document Managerial accounting: fixing all financial transactions, settlements with suppliers and counterparties, movement of money between cash registers, withdrawal of money to the cash desk, accounting of current costs of the company on the items of financial analysis, currency exchange, collection, delivery of proceeds, etc.
Cash flow totals Forming a report on the cash desk for each day. Viewing information about the purchase audit of cash.
Balance by items of financial analysis Summing up the analysis of cash flow in the context of the tree of items of financial analysis.
Currency exchange rate Directory of exchange rates: creating and editing the rates for the current day.
Currency exchange Recording the fact of currency exchange that occurs between accounts or cash desks in the trade network.


State of the warehouse The entire list of goods that have been entered into the warehouse. Filters by goods: out of stock, by weight, discounted goods, with photo, fiscal and non-fiscal goods, discounted and other. Product bundling and unbundling, adding goods to the inventory list.
Stock by type of goods List of goods in stock, linked to the product tree. Viewing of goods in stock with pictures. Product name, barcode, part number, quantity, retail price, discount percentage, discounted price, wholesale price, stock, retail price equivalent, wholesale price equivalent, equivalent currency.
Stock by model Inventory list and analysis of stock models. Print labels for merchandise. View stock status by model: item type, manufacturer's collection, item description, color, material, part number, season, unit, gender, measure, release date and photo. Size is not included in the model definition. Recalculation of cost price by model. Changes in selling price.
Goods movement Movement of goods with the filter for the period and by accounting centers. Goods index card - displaying the entire movement of goods by current accounting center: date, number, type of document which included the goods, from whom they were received or who they were shipped to. Receipt, expenditure and remaining quantities of goods.
Balance sheet by quantity Analysis and printing of goods remains on a certain date with information about the name of the product, article number, bar code, as well as: the opening balance, income, customer returns, income from sales, expenses from sales, write-offs, returns to suppliers, the balance at the end of the period, changes amount and cost price.
Turnover Statement by Value Analysis and print the cost of goods on the date with information about the name of the product, article, bar code, as well as: the opening balance, income, customer returns, income from removals, the expense of sales, expense of removals, write-off, return to suppliers, the balance at the end of the period, the change in quantity and cost.
Inventory turnover Analysis of the quantity and cost of goods on the date with information about the name of the product, article number, bar code, as well as: the opening balance, income, customer returns, income from removals, sales expenses, expenses from removals, write-offs, returns to suppliers, the closing balance, changes in quantity and cost.
List of receipts Review, delete delivery notes: receipts, returns from customers, transfers. Print labels for goods by verified quantity, by quantity invoice, by piece.
List of expenses Viewing and deleting delivery notes: sales, write-offs, returns, scrap, transfers. Prohibition on returning goods.
Sum of goods for the period The amount of goods for the period with the ability to print the document. Filter by document type: receipt, sale, return, internal transfer, write-off, return to supplier, return of defective goods.
Register of delivery notes A list of all incoming invoices, their distribution by points, and control of payments on invoices. The register displays supplier, recipient, currency, company and payment status - not paid, partially paid, paid, not paid or partially paid.
Warehouse documents journal List of all warehouse documents: receipt, realization, return, internal transfer, write-off, return to supplier, return of rejects. Available information on the documents: date, number, sender, recipient, the amount of gross, the price, in local currency, wholesale, kind of goods, discount percentage, form, companies, the amount of the cost, who changed the document and comment.
Change of retail price Displays the change in sales price for a certain period with the ability to cancel the change and print labels.
Calculation of retail prices by markup and exchange rate Recalculation of retail and wholesale prices depending on the exchange rate or markup. Methods of calculation: from the purchase or equivalent price, exchange rate - today's or the nearest, price change - instantly or through the act of revaluation.


Commodity report for the period Stock status, incoming goods from supplier and purchase amounts, initial balances, incoming internal transfer, returning goods to buyers, selling goods, returning to supplier, writing-off
Cash report for the day List of all cash operations with comments to each financial operation
Summarized report for the day Information about the movement of money and financial operations, opening and closing of cash days. Report on the work of sellers, the balance of the amount in cash at the beginning of the day, the total number of sales checks and refund checks. Amounts of cash and non-cash sales, amount of refunds, expenses, amount of collections and availability of money in the cash register at the end of the day.
Gross Income for the Period Account of sales revenue, which was received on cash registers and settlement accounts for the period, without taking into account returns. The report helps to control the gross revenue not to exceed the company's limits.
Statement for the period Reconciliation report for checking accounts and cash registers: incoming balance, outgoing balance, receipts and outgoing balance
Custom reports Create your own reports using FastReport.


Period Analysis of trade results by trade network or accounting centers: gross revenue, merchandise profit, costs, profit. Income, sales, cost of sales, amount of sales discounts, markup, returns, amount of goods at the end of the period, balance on gift certificates, information on the current state of the warehouse.
Analysis of sales by type of goods Trade results by type of goods with filters by accounting centers, clients and producers. Revenue analysis: in figures and graph. Viewing sales and receipts, calculating the cost of sales.
Analysis of sales by manufacturers of goods The results of trade in terms of producers of goods, in order to analyze which goods bring the main income. Analysis by commodity and manufacturer.
Analysis of sales of fiscal goods Analysis of the size of revenues by commodity groups, information for reporting. Filtering of goods sold through the fiscal recorder and non-fiscal receipt printer and without a fiscal receipt.


Clients Form of work with clients: base, amount for discount calculation, amount of sales and returns, contact information and type of discount card. Actions for work with clients: printing of discount cards, bonuses, card of mutual settlements, contacts with clients and other
Print customer questionnaires Printing of a template of customer questionnaire for issuing discount cards
Discount policy Flexible configuration of cumulative and one-time discounts, types of discount cards

System sections and settings of the accounting program

Database Allows you to save the database to disk, load the database and update the information
Product prices Saving and downloading sales prices form
Customer purchase amounts Save and load customer purchase amounts
Stock balances Saving stock status to the inventory list
Exchange of warehouse documents Transferring information between identical databases, one of which has no stock documents for any reason
Drafts of realization Realizations that ended unexpectedly: lights out, computer shut down, etc.
Protocol of user actions Automatic fixation of user events: error, warning, confirmation, information and action with stock documents
Protocol of user actions for edit forms Display of users and what forms they have edited. Actions are recorded on the forms Bank terminal, Bank terminal Merchant, New mail sender, Parameters, Point of sale, Sales plan and Personal sales plan, Payroll, Product type, Shift.
Document change log Registration of changes in warehouse and financial documents: receipt, sales, return, internal transfer, write-off, return to supplier, return of rejects, financial document and payment
Download Update module Program upgrade by one version: e.g. from version 502 to 503
Restore and reorganize indexes and update statistics Actions to be taken if the program slows down or takes a long time to start
Trading network Managing accounting centers, customizing company details, cashier registers and bank accounts
Users Creating Torgsoft users, setting a password, setting role and access restrictions for accounting centers, cash desks and bank accounts. Viewing the start and end time of work
Employee Questionnaire of employees. Analysis of the work for the period by check. Setting surcharges by type of goods. Arrival log / departure log.
Counterparty Customers, partners, suppliers.Setting up a counterparty card: name, type of partnership, address and details, initial debts and documents. List of inactive counterparties
Bank List of banks with details of the institution that is assigned to the company
Currency Setting of accounting currencies. Denominations of bills and coins
Supplier List of all suppliers for all businesses: name, description, phone number, address. Printing an envelope for sending letters. Card of mutual settlements with suppliers
Cash register List of all cash offices for all accounting centers in different currencies with linkage to cashier and controller
Sounds Configuring or disabling sounds for 18 events, if the goods are not found, goods added for re-counting, birthday greetings and others
Options Configuring basic Torgsoft system parameters that significantly affect the operation of accounting software
Label Printing Setup Setting up any templates for printing on price labels, tags, labels
Selecting printers Setting up workplace printers to print labels, fiscal checks
Setting up printing templates Templates for reports, acts, forms, schedules, contracts, orders, receipts, routing sheets, invoices, payment orders, expense receipts, fiscal documents, and more
Setting up letter templates Template for printing addresses on envelopes
Selecting a cashier Choice of default cash register for user
Selecting a default checking account Choice of default checking account for the user
Data collection terminal Setting up data collection terminal to export goods base, import documents. Setting up barcode fields, article code, product name, unit of measure, price, quantity
Scheduled jobs Automatic regular assignments for archiving, cost calculation, notifications on bonuses writing off and export of goods movement to a file
Configuring roles Setting up user roles: differentiation of employees' access to each function, each button, form, column.
Payment assignment Recording of regular and repeated assignments of payment, which are then used in the menu Payments - Financial document.
Software fiscal logger Setting up software fiscal registrar: company name, address of sales outlet, tax identification number, fiscal and local number of fiscal registrar, name of cashier, private key file, address of key certification center, password and number of checks in offline mode. Setting up taxes and payment methods
Download Service Pack Form for downloading the update package downloaded from
List of additional functions The list of additional options that can be activated for this type of license, including activation options for 30 days

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