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Visitor accounting in the store

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Electronic visitor accounting system Torgsoft using the "Visitor Accounting" option, GSMcounters service and synchronization with TK-01 and TK-04 counters:

  • keeps a log of visitors,
  • records information about the number of visitors who entered and left the store,
  • generates data for analysis and comparison with sales results, analyzes store traffic to evaluate the effectiveness of promotions, displays data for calculating visitor conversion,
  • displays whether there is a dependence of sales on the number of visitors, the reasons for the surge or decline in visitor activity,
  • shows the peak periods of workload to plan the work of staff.

In Torgsoft → Analysis → Sales intensity analysis, you will see aggregate information about store traffic in the form of graphs. This data can be compared with the number of goods sold, receipts, and the amount of sales, analyzed by hour, day, week, month, year, and by day of the week in the form of absolute or average indicators.

What do you need to keep track of visitors?

  1. The Torgsoft Ultra or Terminal program.
  2. Additional option "Visitor accounting" - for each counter, the option is purchased separately.
  3. TK-01, TK-01 Wi-Fi or TK-04 Wi-Fi sensor
  4. An account on the GSM Counters portal with a Web API tariff, for example, "User".

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